The Dane Who Cashed A False Cheque Will Be Jailed When He Return To Denmark

A 42-year-old man from Vejle is arrested in absentia in a preliminary
examination Wednesday afternoon July 9, 2008.
    He is charged with serious fraud and forgery after he, Friday June 27, 2008
went into the Spar Bank in Vejle, and succeeded in cashing a false cheque for
5.6 million kroner.
    The 42-year-old has been a customer of the bank in a number of years.
Therefore, the Treasurer of the bank weren’t suspicious when the costumer tried
to put the huge amount into his very own account.
    But as soon as the man was finished in Spar Bank, he transferred the money to
two private accounts in a bank in Thailand. Then, the man boarded an
aircraft of Thai Air and travelled to Thailand, where he has been since
1. July 2008.
    The 42-year-old was just released from prison in April, where he was held in
custody because he was charged in a major case of VAT fraud. And now the huge
false cheque is added to the list of things, the Danish police and the
judiciary would like to talk with him about when he return to his hometown
    Because of the earlier fraud and because of his suspicious flight to Thailand, the
judge decided that there were plenty of reasons to imprison the man in absentia.

    The judge had no problems with allowing the police to cancel the validity of
the refugee’s passport.
    The Danish police will now work to get the man home to Denmark, so he
can be prosecuted. Thailand
and Denmark
have an extradition treaty. So in case the manhunt will succeed, in only at
matter of days, before he is back in his beautiful hometown Vejle.–42-aarig-check-snyder-ryger-i-faengsel-naar-han-kommer-hjem-fra-Thailand?rss

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