Spies Join New Campaign Against Child Sex Tourism

“Our cooperation with ECPAT means in particular that we inform and educate
our staff in how to deal if the problem occurs. And our hotel contacts’ has a
clause that we need to combat the sexual exploitation of children. If one
partner does not live up to it, we consider it as a contract violation”, said
Spies-director, Jan Vendelbo to Take Off.
    In the coming weeks a campaign will collect “signatures” from
Europeans who want the EU and the Danish authorities to step up fight against
child sex tourism.
    The aim is to collect one million signatures. The result of the campaign will
be presented at a World Conference in Rio
de Janeiro
later in 2008.
    Behind the campaign is ECPAT – an organisation working in 81 countries to
prevent commercial exploitation of children in the sex industry.
    In Denmark Spies and other travel entrepreneurs cooperate with ECPAT. On the Spies
Web site is information on how to join the “signature” campaign with its
electronic “signature”, which can support the start-up campaign:
“Stop child sex tourism”.

arrange or sell tours to countries like Thailand,
Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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