Honorary Consul for Sweden In Phuket Change Status

The Swedish
official representation in Phuket does consist of a Honorary Consulate, instead
of a General Consulate. The Embassy in Bangkok
and the Honorary Consulate in Phuket has taken over the responsibility for consular
    Khun Wichit
Na-Ranong is the Honorary Consul for Sweden in Phuket.
consular officers from the Consulate General will be employed at the new
Honorary Consulate.
    The new
Honorary Consulate is located in the same premises as the old Consulate
Honorary Consulate will be able to assist in matters such as: issuance of
various certificates, issuance of provisional passports delivery of Swedish
ordinary passports, delivery of Swedish driving licences, delivery of
bank/credit cards, assisting Swedish nationals in distress, in jail or are ill,
and assisting in death cases.

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