Dream And Reality: Opera & Blogging Converge

A special
opera written by Vietnamese bloggers is about to be produced, “Dream and

    Blog Opera
(/blogviet/blogopera/), sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and
Tourism and the Swedish Embassy in Vietnam, is a forum for Vietnamese youth,
especially bloggers, to share their ideas, feelings and sentiments about the
topic “Dream and Reality”.

programme also aims to encourage Vietnamese youth to approach opera through
contributing their ideas and initiatives. Based on super-short stories (around
100 words) of bloggers on Blog Opera, a jury will select the best and unique
ideas to develop them into an opera entitled “Dream and Reality”.

    The most
special feature of this opera will be the combination of various forms of art,
music, dance, visual art, movies but it will be arranged in a new style: pop
singing. This contemporary opera will be arranged and performed by reputed
cultural and art agencies of Vietnam
and Sweden.

Artist Pham Anh Phuong, Director of the Vietnam Music, Dance and Drama Theatre,
said: “This is the first opera of this kind in Vietnam. I think it is a new,
interesting and very contemporary idea. It creates a new form of opera which is
closer, more modern and easier to approach. We want Vietnamese audience to know
more about opera and love this art through such programmes. We want to create a
new playground for bloggers where they can show their wonderful creativeness
and share their thinking and feelings to create unique and interesting




Launched on
June 1, 2008, the website of Blog Opera is an open space for Internet users to
tell stories about dreams and reality. Through this website, the organisers
have received hundreds of stories.




selection will be completed in August 2008. After that Vietnamese and Swedish
scriptwriters, directors and opera artists will work together to premiere the
opera in May 2009, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Vietnam-Sweden


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