More Danes Go To Bali With Singapore Airlines

The number of Danes who want to go Bali is higher than previous years – therefore
Singapore Airlines expects to serve the largest number of Danes to Bali this year, says Danish company’s sales manager.
    “Back in January, we could see that a problem with too few seats would occur
this summer – despite that we have three Boeing 777 to Bali
every day, there are no available seats in the coming months,” said
Singapore Airlines’ Nordic Sales Manager, Allan Hoffery to the Danish website
Take Off.
    From August 1, 2008 Singapore Airlines will insert one more Boeing 777 between Singapore and Bali.

    In 2007, more than 6,874 Danish tourists visited Bali
and the airline expects an increase of over 20% this year.
    In addition, Singapore Airlines starting this week has inserted four additional
flights with the super jumbo Airbus A380 between London
and Singapore.

    The company now has five 380’ere – with the increase of flights at Heathrow the
company now have 11 weekly 380 flights between Singapore
and London.

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