SOS International: You Are Facing Greater Risk In Thailand

The sun will glimpse a bit here and there the next few weeks. But many have
already given up and booked trips abroad. Are you one of those who opted for Thailand or Turkey – watch out! Thailand is the
most risky place to go, according to figures from SOS International, writes the
Swedish tabloid Expressen.
    The wet summer in Sweden
has made those sales of package holidays exploded.
    “When it started to rain at midsummer, our sales figures thus building up,
there was talk of rain panic”, says Peter Hellström, Information Officer at
Most popular destinations are Majorca, Turkey and Thailand.
    But at the
Swedish tourist favourites is also lurking dangers.
has taken note of the statistics from International SOS, which shows that most
Swedes become sick on travel in Thailand
and Turkey.

    Here are
some details:
    Most at risk of becoming ill;
    1. Turkey

    2. Thailand

    3. Greece

    4. Egypt

    5. Bulgaria

    6. Spain

Most at risk of accidents:
    1. Thailand

    2. Bulgaria

    3. Turkey

    4. Greece

    5. Spain

    Most at risk for assault:
    1. Thailand

    2. Turkey

    3. Spain

    4. Greece

    5. Egypt

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