Carlsberg Introduce New Brew In Malaysia

Gold may
just be another colour for most of us but for Carlsberg Malaysia, it is
a name they have chosen for their new permanent product, Carlsberg Gold.
    The new
product will replace Carlsberg’s 160th anniversary brew which is a limited
edition beer launched last year.
    “We wanted
to give beer drinkers in Malaysia a special beer made from three different
malts like crystal, brown and lager blended to perfection with hops and
Carlsberg’s world famous yeast Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis,” said Carlsberg
Malaysia managing director Soren Holm Jensen.
the sale of the beer has far exceeded their expectations and was sold out
within one month of its launch, while requests and phone calls for the brand to
bring back the limited edition beer mounted.
    “We had
numerous phone calls asking us why it was only a limited edition beer and not a
permanent item.
    “Thus, we
decided that we should reward our consumers’ confidence by re-launching the
Carlsberg 160th anniversary brew as Carlsberg Gold. Now our consumers can enjoy
Carlsberg Gold every day during every occasion,” said Jensen.
    He added
that Gold was the chosen name as it symbolised power, strength and perfection
while its values and appeal stretched across the cultures of history, often
associated with excellence and triumph.
represents what is purest, most sought after and most valued in terms of human
aspirations. It is obvious that a premium beer with such a strong heritage and
high quality needs a winning name — Carlsberg Gold,” said Jensen during the
media launch of the product last week
    During the
launch, guests were served the rich coloured and smoother tasting beer
throughout dinner while singer Jacqueline Victor entertained the audience with
some of her popular numbers.
    The new
product will be available in both quart and pint bottles with 5.5% alcohol
content. It will be available at restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, pubs,
bars and supermarkets throughout the country this month.




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