Book Teaches Swedish Men To Buy Sex In Thailand

It is the book that to teach Swedish men how to buy sex. And it is sold in one of Vinge’s largest hotels in Phuket Thai – next to the travel
agents binders.
    “The Prostitution guide” is marketed as a “survival kit for the
Scandinavian man in Thailand.”

    It is sold in the hotel’s reception, together with Vinge´s binders and Swedish
newspapers, and describes the destination as “a Disneyland
for adults, but the riding is better here.”
    It is revealed in the author Jennie Dielemans new book “Welcome To Paradise”,
the Swedish newspaper SvD reported.
    The book examines the tourism linked to the sex trade in the developing world. According
Dielemans is the guide a handbook on “how to buy the cheapest sex in the
best possible way”.
    “A single book was sold at the hotel and that is that”, she says to SvD.
    But the book does not only give tips on how to buy sex.
    And according to the guide the Thai sexuality differ completely from, for
example, the English. Sex in Thailand
can almost be described as a “bodily functions” without reference to
    It singled out the hotel called Phuket Ocean Resort and is located on Patong Beach.
Dielemans says in his book, which comes out next week that the purchaser of sex
openly takes up young girls to the rooms.
    Magdalena Öhrn, public relation officer at Ving´s says – after having been in
contact with her colleagues in Phuket – that the book is no longer at the
    “The hotel does not sell any form of books or newspapers without referring to
other stores. There is a bookcase in the corner of the reception, where guests
leave old books; perhaps it is where the script existed. In that case, it is a
mistake and both Wing and the hotel oppose it”, she says.

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  1. Swedish men are hated at home so they go to a foreign country hoping to find some kind of love or sex. They are human. Their country has made their lives miserable and they are abused by their own women. Of course they are looking elsewhere for happiness and love. Why not just cut off their balls, Sweden. You have abused your own men.

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