Thai- Finnish Band Releases Newest Single

distinctive band was founded by Finnish/Thai composer, lyricist, singer, and
guitarist Tang. Finland-based
band Black Temple – the worlds first Kung-Fu Metal
band – will release their highly anticipated newest single Party Material
    More like a
solo project than a band, the unique heavy metal band was founded by
Finnish/Thai composer, lyricist, singer and guitarist Tang, Black Temple
is the first band of its kind.
    The Kung-fu
Metal band started in the year 2005 with many line-up changes. In the lucky
year 2008 they found Joel Attila as a producer introduced by the legendary
German promotor Silke “Mutti” Yli-Sirnio (HIM, Nightwish, Lordi,
Children Of Bodom, etc.) and recorded their first single “Party
Material” at Helsinki Underground Studios, mixed by Mikko Karmila (COB,
Nightwish, Lordi, etc.) and mastering by Mika Jussila, Finnvox studio,
    To hear the
newest single from Finland-based Black
, the universes
original Kung-Fu Metal band, please visit



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