TV Team From Singapore Visit “Different” Danish Library

A television team from Singapore
pay a visit to the Danish town Hjørring to make a feature on design and
architecture. The show will be about libraries, and Hjørrings library has been
selected as an architectural gem.
    “It should be exciting, it must be artistic. It must be art in space. It
must be something that people feels good about”.
    This was the demand for architects, as Hjørring should have a new library. And
it managed to create a different piece of architecture.
    “We must have created a something that is such an interesting design that
it can be interesting for several hundred millions viewers,” says
development manager Børge Søndergård from Hjørring Library.
    He notes that there are 100 million potential viewers in Asia,
and that the broadcaster also produces broadcasts for National Geographic and
Discovery Channel.
    The new library, which opened in April 2008, has causes both international and
Danish professionals to check up the library in the small provincial town in
the northern part of Denmark.

    “We have had at least 200 foreign colleagues on the visit. And we have had
about one thousand colleagues from Denmark. They heard about it
through the trade press,” said Børge Søndergård.
    The development manager tells that it is not only professionals who are
interested in the library. Even the locals are taking architectural gem in
Hjørring in to their hearts:
    “The citizens of Hjørring take their friends here to show it. Simply
because it is so special.

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