United Plantation In Malaysia Make Sustainable Palm Oil

The Danish owned United Plantation (UP) will today receive the world’s first certificate for the sustainable production of palm oil in Malaysia. Certificates guarantee that all the palm oil products made of IP is produced sustainably manner.
    The recognition of the UP, one of Malaysia‘s largest plantation groups, comes from the new international NGO organization Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, RSPO. The organization is formed by environmental groups as WWF, producers, distributors, retailers and more.
    “No other crop – be it coffee, cocoa, wheat, soybeans or rape – are grown under such strict guidelines, such as those RSPO now has set for palm oil production”, says Carl Bek-Nielsen, Up’s vice-president and director.
    The palm oil company is 102 years old, and currently has 6500 employees and plantation in an area of 400 square kilometres in Malaysia.

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