30.000 Danes Uncertain about Thailand Vacation

Bankruptcy for Canadian Zoom Airlines, which is used by several Danish charter companies, may affect Danish holidays in Thailand.
Danish charter companies who have used Zoom Airlines to ferry holidaymakers to Thailand have until November 1 to find alternative transport for 30-40.000 Danes, according to Mytravel.
Star Tour, Tyrkiet Eksperten, Kuoni and Bravo Tours were all to have used Zoom Airways this winter to destinations such as Phuket in Thailand and the Caribbean. The companies are all currently trying to find alternative airlines to satisfy customers.
Zoom, which has had 450 employees in Canada and 260 in Britain, has gone bankrupt because of high fuel prices, according to Mytravel.
“It’s a mess and we were completely taken by surprise. We are trying to find alternatives – but they have to be the right ones,” says Bravo Tours CEO Peder Hornshøj in an interview with Ritzau.
Hornshøj says that Bravo Tours now has to find alternative travel arrangements for some 4.000 holidaymakers who have booked holidays to Thailand this winter, but guarantees that a solution will be found.
The Scanway Tyrkiet Eksperten company is also trying to find a new cooperating partner for its weekly route to Thailand from December to April, but company Customer Manager Iben Winther says customers do not need to worry.
“We are in the process of entering into a new agreement with another supplier and as soon as that is in place we will contact our guests ,” says Winther.

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