Danish Tourist: Trip To Malaysia Was Extra Special

Johor Baru celebrated the country’s 51 years of independence with spectacular performances and cultural dances watched by thousands of local and foreign holidaymakers in the popular tourist enclave of Mersing.

 The participants were smartly dressed in colourful costumes during the state-level National Day celebration on Sunday.

 Tourist Sisse Andersen, 18, from Denmark, said her trip to Malaysia was extra special as she had the chance to experience the Merdeka celebrations.

“I accidentally stumbled upon the celebrations during my two-week trip to Mersing”.

 “I was impressed by the wonderful costumes and entertaining performances”, she said, adding that she was amazed by the unity shown by the various races”.
 “I just love the dances symbolising Malaysia’s identity”, she said.

 Her friend Justina Sorensen, 23, said that Malaysia celebrated its independence in style.

 “I loved the music which complemented the multicultural dances”.

 National fervour: Children basking in the Merdeka mood while waving the Jalur Gemilang during the Johor-level National Day celebrations in Mersing on Sunday.

 “The racial harmony should be emulated by other nations”, she said.


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