Indonesia Fights Climate Change Through Norwegian-funded Initative

Norway is financing the initial phase of the initiative, which will be carried out by three UN agencies. Indonesia is one of nine countries that have already expressed formal interest in receiving assistance from the so-called UN-REDD Programme, that was announced by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Norwegian Prime Jens Stoltenberg on 24 September 2008. The Norwegian contribution to the first phase will be USD 35 million.
Deforestation and forest degradation is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated to account for close to 20% of the global emissions. In Indonesia the percentage is much higher, as Indonesia’s vast forests are diminishing at an alarming rate. “We must reduce deforestation if we are to succeed in fighting climate change”, commented Mr. Stoltenberg.
The nine countries that will be targeted in the initial phase of the programme is Indonesia, Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Tanzania, Viet Nam, and Zambia. Some among them, including Indonesia, will “quick start” their efforts through developing national strategies, establishing robust systems for monitoring, assessment, reporting and verification of forest cover and carbon stocks, and building necessary capabilities – with support to others to follow in due course. In subsequent phases, pilot projects will be rolled out to test ways of managing existing forests in order to maintain their ecosystem services and maximise their carbon stocks while delivering community and livelihood benefits. 

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