Norway Improve Ethnic Women Leadership

The course
will also provide trainees with knowledge on economic development combined with
environmental protection in ethnic minority areas and an overview of national
and local political and socio-economic situations.

    The Party
Central Committee’s Organisation Commission (PCCOC) in co-ordination with the
Norwegian embassy opened a training course to improve capacity of ethnic
minority female leaders in Hanoi
on October 6, 2008.

    The course,
part of the project on raising capacity of Vietnamese ethnic minority women
officials funded by the Norwegian government, drew participation of more than
60 female leaders from 12 northern

trainees will be updated with knowledge on maintaining and promoting national
identities in the process of globalisation and economic integration, gender
mainstreaming in policy making and implementation, and promotion of grassroots

the opening ceremony, Norwegian ambassador to Vietnam Skjoll Storlokken said
the course marked an important advance of the cooperation between the PCCOC and
the Norwegian embassy to promote the execution of the project.


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