Climate Proofing Sector Programmes

The Embassy of Denmark recently organized a workshop to raise climate change awareness and climate proof the sector programme support in Vietnam. 

 The latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that the earth is warming up and it is happening faster than earlier predicted and observed. Denmark is supporting Vietnam in a number of sector programmes. All these are likely vulnerable to climate change and/or may contribute to the change of climate. It is important to ensure that the support through the sector programmes is climate proof.

 The embassy has supported a study since November 2007 called Climate Change Check. The objective of the study is to analyze and assess how climate change and linked disasters can impact the success of Danish development assistance and to provide initial recommendations on what should be done to mitigate negative impact of climate change to and by DANIDA programmes.

 The workshop is a follow-up action of the study, which aims to deliver results of the study and to involve local partners in integrating climate change into programmes’ workplan 2009. The workshop also provided the opportunity for different institutions involved in the sector programmes to discuss concrete steps in effort to climate proofing the projects.

 Concrete suggestions for both the 2009 action plans as well as long term suggestions were presented by the different sectors. The suggestions were on both local level as well as national policy level. Some suggestions could be implemented already in 2008, such as local community training and awareness.




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