Arrested For Murder Of A Vietnamese Man

After an extensive operation The police has arrested a 55-year-old Dane for a four-year-old murder committed on the island of Funen, writes the Danish tabloid BT.

During a violent robbery on December 19, 2004, the ethnic Vietnamese  Nhut Thai Nguyen was shot  in front of his wife. To hood-clad men committed the failed robbery, and the police said earlier that it had no decisive tracks to follow in the case.

New tracks cropped up recently in the case, leading to the police in East Jutland to an arrest Tuesday October 14. A Danish man was taken in custody for the  murder of Nhut Thai Nguyen.

The 55-year-old Dane is known by the police for a “wide range” of crimes, and he was arrested nearby a hotel in Hornslet near Aarhus. He was then taken to the island of Funen where he will be interrogated.



The Police initially suspected the man now arrested for being armed. But the man was arrested without drama, and he was only in possession of a pepper spray.

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