Norway And Indonesia Accelerate Cooperation

The governments of Indonesia and Norway have agreed to accelerate their bilateral cooperation in the fishery and renewable energy sectors, a foreign ministry statement said.
In order to pursue the cooperation, both nations agreed to sign a cooperation agreement where Norway will provide a grant worth US$8.6 million for the fishery sector and US$1 million for a renewable energy project.
According to the foreign ministry statement, the agreement was reached during a bilateral meeting between Retno L.P. Marsudi, director general for American and European Affairs of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry and Jonas Ghar St`e, Norwegian foreign minister, on Monday.
The US$8.6 million will be used for the establishment an Indonesia-Norway Fisheries and Agriculture Cooperation Committee while the US$1 million will be used to develop a renewable energy park in Baron, Yogyakarta.
After the meeting, senior officials of both nations also held a meeting (SOM) co-chaired by Retno L.P. Marsudi in her capacity as Indonesian chief delegate and Ambassador Aud Marit Wiig who was Norwegian chief delegate.
The SOM discussed cooperation in the fishery and renewable energy sectors. It also discussed training for diplomats of both nations.
Norway will send human rights experts to provide training for Indonesian diplomats while Indonesia will send experts on ASEAN and conflict resolution.


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