Norwegian Millionaire Arrested In Jomtien

Police were called to the Viking Guesthouse located on Jomtien Beach late on Friday Night following reports of a guest who was attempting to start a fire inside his room.
Police soon arrived and made their way to a 2nd floor room occupied by Mr. Jan Even Tretnes aged 44 from Norway who has a history of possession of amphetamines and was arrested back in January with 3 “Yabba” Tablets by Pattaya Police.
On this occasion evidence of drug consumption was found inside the room and Police suspect he had once again been smoking the class 1 drug. He was confused and appeared to be hallucinating.
Mr. Tretnes, who has been living here in Thailand on-and-off for more than 10 years and speaks Thai, was taken to the Police Station again and was charged with class 1 drug consumption offences.

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