Another Disappointment For The Singapore Vikings

Sat. 11 Oct.: Cosmoleague, Vikings FC – Brewerkz   1 – 3   (1 – 1)

 Another Cosmoleague match at ITE Balestier. The Vikings home pitch should have been a fortress, but things don’t seem to go their way at the moment. Actually best game of the season was played at SSS against Latini.

 Brewerkz are always a tough opponent and this time was no different. They have added a few new faces to their squad and are looking stronger than last year. The Vikings continue to believe that if they show the right attitude and desire in their games, they can match almost any team in the Cosmoleague. Problem is that if they don’t do that they can also loose to almost all teams in the league.

 Brewerkz establish possession from the first whistle and they looked very comfortable on the ball. While they kept possession most of the half, The Vikings looked good going forward on they counter attacks and took the lead with a volley from Martin Just. The ball ended up at his feet following a clearance from a corner kick. He unleashed a beautiful volley, which flew over the Brewerkz keeper and put us in front. Brewerkz maintained their solid passing play and their right-winger managed to equalize before the break. Well-deserved goal, but we should have putted some pressure on their winger and not allow him a free shot from 20 meters.

The Vikings were still optimistic going into the second half, even though some key players seemed to be lacking the stamina to complete the 90 minutes of football. Unfortunately Brewerkz killed the match within 10 minutes of the second half.

Their first goal was scored because of an error from our talismanic defender MortenKristensen, who hit nothing but air in his clearance. Third goal shortly after was from a direct free kick, where our goalie Steven strangely didn’t manage to cover his side of the goal.

 Those two goals killed us off and Brewerkz more less cruise controlled the remainder of the game to seal the 3 points. We didn’t have any decent chances and they failed to convert the few chances they created.

 Another disappointing week for the Vikings, but Brewerkz will be a top 5 team and they fully deserved the 3 points. The Vikings will  have to regain their self-confidence quickly and start a winning streak against Germans next week.



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