Ambassador: Anything Can Happen In Thailand

demonstrations are moving into tourist areas in Thailand. But the recent unrest in Thailand has
probably not reached its climax yet.
People’s Alliance for Democracy, PAD, announces
Monday that it will assemble a larger demonstration in front of Central World
Plaza in Bangkok.
This moves the two-month conflict into the heart of touristic areas in Bangkok.
Central World
Plaza is one of Bangkok‘s most traffic congested areas filled
with tourists who want to buy cheap counterfeit brands.
Several well-known fashion houses also have their own shops in the square, and
so the area is a mix of shopping centres, sidewalk cafes and fashion houses.
The Danish ambassador to Thailand,
Michael Sternberg is concerned about the situation:
“Anything can happen right now here in Thailand. The political situation is
simply totally unpredictable,” he said to the Danish daily
The ambassador would not directly discourage tourists to go to the most visited
country in Asia, but he urges Danes who are, or consider going to Thailand to check the Danish Ministry of Foreign
Affairs website several times a day:
“It is important to keep you self updated on the situation in Thailand
all the time. There is always something new.”
And even if there is peace and idyll many places in Thailand‘s capital, as unrest still
“Everything looks just normal. But so much is happening beneath the
surface. So watch out.
And avoid Government buildings”.
According to the Foreign Ministry Danes are urged to avoid the area around
Government House and the parliament, which is situated near the Dusit Zoo.
The Danish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs can not rule out the
possibility that demonstrations will occur in the area around the police
headquarters, which is located near the main shopping malls Paragon, Central
World and Central Chidlom around the Siam
area in Bangkok.

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