Norway Help To Improve Water Sanitation

The Vietnam Red Cross signed with the Norwegian Red Cross and multinational company Det Norske Veritas a memorandum of understanding on their pilot implementation of water sanitation and community development in northern Phu Tho Province.
    With a total funding of 100,000 USD, the project will focus on upgrading water supply system and sanitation facilities in Phu Tho’s poor mountainous districts of Tan Son and Yen Lap.
    Additionally, the project targets to disseminate healthcare knowledge among local people and enhance these district Red Cross organisations’ capacity in community-based healthcare, first aid and disaster preparedness and project management skills.
    As many as 180 local households and children in schools in these districts will benefit from this one-year project which is scheduled to kick-start in November.
    President of Vietnam Red Cross Tran Ngoc Tang highlighted the project for meeting Vietnam Red Cross’s priorities and the Government’s strategy to reduce the number of poor households and improve their lives.
    Meanwhile, a senior official from the Norwegian Red Cross said he hoped the project, once completed, will pave the way for cooperation between the Red Cross of Vietnam and Norway to blossom.
    Since their ties established in 1995, the Vietnam Red Cross and the Norwegian Red Cross have coordinated in implementing three projects to enhance the capacity of local Red Cross chapters in 12 cities and provinces across Vietnam.
    They are preparing for their launch of a programme that aims to assist seven other provincial Red Cross chapters in the 2009-2012 period.

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