Swedish NYX Interactive Gaming East

NYX Interactive have taken further steps in the international expansion they are aiming for as well as increasing knowledge and capacity within product development and operations. NYX Interactive AB is a company registered in Stockholm, Sweden.
   Acknowledgement of the right strategy “as part of our expansion plan this is a strategically important decision. Europe is within our reach; overall interest in the company is high and the number of customers steadily increasing. We need to extend our capacity to meet the markets need of our products. Now we are able to look towards the East to the gigantic Asian market” says Staffan Lindgren, CEO of NYX Interactive.
   The new investment creates increased speed-to-market and boosts efficiency. NYX Interactive is growing quickly and employment is at an all time high. There is also an interest to establish the company where the active market is or will be in the near future. In February NYX Interactive are participating in the I-Gaming Expo in Macau for the first time and are ready to take on Asia.
   “This will lead to flexibility, which is tremendously valuable to operators. They cannot afford to be locked into long, ironclad lead times with restrictions that prohibit rapid expansion. To strengthen our offering in the increasingly consolidated market place, we have to be able to provide this possibility’ says Staffan Lindgren.
   NYX Interactive is a solutions provider for WLA and commercial gaming operators. The company was established in 2006 as a response to the paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Our objective is to help our clients thrive by providing the best gaming products and services there is. NYX has already been recognized as a leading supplier for several gaming products and services segments and are continuing building and marching towards becoming a truly globally leading provider in all of the interactive gaming space.
   NYX Interactive product development and consultants provides complete solutions, senior system expertise and long-term support to its customers in the gaming industry.

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