Crown Prince Frederik Visited B2B Exhibition

Crown Prince Frederik visited all the Danish business stands set up on the 22nd floor of the Bangkok Convention Centre with products from plastic toilet seats to a robot sculpture. In between there were displays of environmental technology, food industry techology and other products, including the more consumer oriented Thai Airways International and SAS – Scandinavian Airlines.
The exhibition was the more business oriented part of the celebrations of the 150 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Denmark. In he morning, the Crown Prince held the opening speech of the day for around 200 business people seated around tables in the huge conference hall of the centre.
Following his speech, the guests also listened to Hans Skov Christensen, CEO of Confederation of Danish Industries, Per Stig Moller, Foreign Minister of Denmark, and Sudjit Inthawong, Deputy Secretary General of the Board of Investment.
After the speeches, the more fun part of the opening began with the Crown Prince walking from business display to business display in the hall outside. All the businessmen were greeted with a handshake and if at first the Crown Prince didn’t seem too interested in the technology or products they represented, his interests clearly grew as the exhibitors explained, what they were into.
The Crown Prince was accompanied on his walking tour of the exhibition by Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller and Hans Skov Christensen who also asked questions, tasted products, read brochures and listened to the exhibitors.
After the walking tour, the Crown Prince followed the business seminars on Energy and Environmental Technology, Airport Equipment, as well as a special presentation by SAS.

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