Finnish Actress Overwhelmed In Malaysia

Mamma Mia!.cast member Miria Parvin, who was also interviewed, said the
audience response towards their performance was overwhelming.

“I feel
completely involved with the audience here compared with our other shows”.

“It was
amazing,” said the Finnish actress who plays Sophie in the musical.
arriving in the country just a day before the opening night, Parvin said the
cast members got through their jet lag and lack of sleep with the help of the
supportive and enthusiastic Malaysian audience.

Parvin said
other cast members had also fallen in love with the food although it was very

Over 30
million people all around the world have fallen in love with the characters,
story and music that make Mamma Mia! the ultimate feel-good show.

The top West End musical has been playing to full houses since it
opened at Istana Budaya and tickets for its last few shows are now completely
sold out.

By the end
of its run in Malaysia
on Sunday, some 31,000 Malaysians would have experienced the magic of Mamma

Those about
to catch the musical are reminded that only children aged seven years and above
are allowed in.


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