Filipino Girl Adopted after 11 Years of Fighting

The Norwegian TV Channel TV 2 February last year told the sad story about a miserable girl in the Philippines. The Norwegian government had yet again declined the Solheim couple’s wish to adopt the Filipino girl Ivy.
Zeni Solheim saved the girl’s life when she was only a baby. Since then she has refused to give up on her wish to adopt the child.
It seems, however, that after TV2 covered the story, the Government took another look at the request.
December 11 2008 11-year old Ivy finally arrived in Norway. In the city of Molde there was a party to welcome her and her adoptive parents are very happy.
“We are so happy and grateful. We have waited a long time for her to come to Norway,” Ivy’s new father Per says.
Family and friends are sure Ivy will be happy in her new home country:
“She will do great. She has a big network and she is doing well at school. She seems to be a happy girl now that she finally got herself a future here in Norway.”

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