Thai Student Expelled from Denmark

Warinda Saengduean is Thai and has a Thai passport. She came to Denmark with her mother four years ago, when her mother married a Danish man.
The marriage didn’t work out and her mother was divorced. Now they have received a letter from The Danish Immigration Service telling them, that they are both expelled from Denmark.
“I was completely heartbroken when my mother told me. Everything went black. I almost felt like I was about to faint,” Warinda Saengduean says and continues:
“I will have to start all over again. I have some family in the south of Thailand, where we are from, but I have no friends left. My life is in Denmark.”
A number of activities have been launched to keep Warinda Saengduean in Denmark. Her friends from the design school have created a Facebook group called “Støt Warinda” (support Warinda), and the group already has 567 members.
In addition the chairman of the school’s board, Svend Wittrock, Wednesday January 21 2009 went to The Danish Immigration Service to speak out for Warinda Saengduean.

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