Joint Danish-Vietnamese music venture

Two young vietnamse musicians Quoc Trung and Vu Nhat Tan will join two danish artists Michael Møller and Nicolai Abrahamsen in the Asia-Scandinavia Concert in Hanoi on February 15.

The performance was a move following a three-week cooperation programme of Vietnamese and Danish artists on the composition and performance of new types of music imbued with cultural identities of both countries.
During the concert, Quoc Trung and musician-singer Michael Møller from the Danish rock band Carrpice will jointly perform a piece that mixes Danish words with Vietnamese traditional music. Meanwhile, Nhat Tan will join Jazz guitar player Nocolai Abrahamsen to present a Scandinavia-styled work.

The performance will take place at the Tuoi Tre (Youth) Theatre, with free tickets being available at the British Council, the Tuoi Tre Theatre and the Goethe Institute.

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