Embassy Seeks Philippine Voters

The Philippine Embassy in Oslo is now working to get residents to register for the Overseas Absentee Voting for the forthcoming 2010 national elections i the Phillippines.
Consul General Evelyn Garcia-Austria said the embassy is now doing all it can to get more people to register.
“Every time I meet with Philippine organisations, I encourage them to announce to their members that the registration is on-going and that it will be open until the 31st of August,” she said. Besides appealing for help, she also said the embassy is going to  have announcements at religious services in Philippine communities, conduct registration in consular outreaches.

The embassy expects about 350-400 voters for the elections in Norway alone. Only residents with valid passports are allowed to register since Norway does not allow dual citizenships. So far, 24 voters had registered. Norway has the biggest number of sea-based workers in Norwegian ships. The Norwegian Shipowners Association estimates this number at about 17,000.

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