21 Vietnamese ’Cannabis-Gardeners’ Arrested in Norway

Because of an efficient agreement on extraction between Norway and Vietnam, 21 workers at an illegal cannabis-plantation are facing banishment from Norway.
When the forbiden plantation was discovered by the Norwegian police in Østlandet, the majority of the Vietnamese workers were fortifying their identities in order to prevent the investigation and avoiding imprisonment and deportation.
But because of the cross-continental agreement Vietnam helped the country out of the complicated situation by sending an official delegation to Norway to assist the authorities in the identifying, expulsing and repatriation of the cannabis-workers.
According to the Norwegian police the quick solution to the problem is all because of the effective extraction-agreement with Vietnam.
“The Vietnamese delegation provided us with essential documents to be able to return the 21 persons immediately after they have served their sentence” explains the chief of the foreign unit of the Norwegian police, Ingrid Wirum, to Aftenposten.

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