Fast Growing Swedish Association in Hua Hin

Less than half a year ago the Swedish Association in Hua Hin was founded at a meeting in November at “Sweden Retaurang” with 52 participants.  Today, the Association has over 300 members and counting.
When the second meeting was held on 29 Januari more than double the number of people – 120 Swedes – showed up. At the third meeting on 26 Februari, 180 Swedes came.
Tomorrow on Thursday 26 March, the next meeting will take place, but it hard to believe the growth can continue at this pace. At this meeting, lawyers James Finch, Jane Haddow,  Natthawut Ayuwan and Amita Kullaphan from the lawfirm Chavalit Finch & Partners in Hua Hin will inform about laws related to owning a property in Thailand.
In the invitation, members are told to please stay after the formal first part of the evening is over and get to know other members. And if you play an instrument, you are encouraged to bring it along!
 Yellow peasoup and pancake cake has become the standard serving at the meetings in the association which takes place at the restaurant 3 Girls, 15/57 Chulapataan Rd, Hua Hin. The last Thursday in the months will preferrably be the fixed meeting date of the Asociation.  
The people behind the success are Charman Gert Andersson,  Lars Olof Fagerström and Margareta Olsson.
In an interview with Huahin News, Gert Andersson says he is “surprised but happy” about the success:
 “We are growing at a rate that gives us some headache, but definitely more joy,  and also some power,” Gert Andersson says to the website.
 “We have already noticed that the Thai authorities consider us a speaking partner on some matters, which hopefully will benefit all foreigners in the area.”
 Here is a link to the website of Svenskforeningen i Hua Hin

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