Vietnamese Scientists Need Funding

A new report by the Swedish-based International Foundation for Science (IFS) finds that Vietnamese scientists require additional funding and improved research environments to meet national development and conservation goals. Young scientists are particularly vulnerable and require additional support.

Vietnam has in recent years experienced rapid economic growth. However, growth has been accompanied by mounting environmental and development challenges, according to their newest report on the subject. Climate  change, agro-industrial pollution, biodiversity conservation, avian-influenza and changes in land-use patterns are just a few of the phenomena that Vietnamese scientists are asked to address. Success in these endeavors demands increased funding for science as well as the encouragement of promising young researchers, creative research environments, and strong national and international science networks.

Ongoing national efforts to further strengthen the capacity of Vietnamese science include investments in training a new generation of scientists (both at home and abroad), equipping laboratories with the latest scientific equipment, and creating  opportunities for research institutions and universities to enter into new relationships  with international partners and private enterprises. Despite these efforts, more needs to be done if Vietnamese science is to become a powerful force for economic development and environmental sustainability, the report from IMF concludes.


Copies of the IFS report Science in Vietnam can be downloaded from the IFS website at .



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