The Finnish development policy responds to the challenges in Vietnam

“The Finnish development policy programme provides a solid foundation for responding the current development policy challenges: the economic crisis, the food crisis and the climate change,” says Ritva Koukku-Ronde, Director General, Department for Development Policy, when answering the recent midway review of the Finnish development policy, conducted by Service Centre for Development Cooperation KEPA.
According to him Finland practices open development policy. During the current term of government, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has significantly increased its cooperation with the whole field of Finnish stakeholders in questions related to development policy. The purpose of common discussion and preparation meetings is to ensure that the expertise of all actors is taken into account.
Successful achievement of Finland’s development policy goals requires that the state administration, the private sector as well as the civic society participate extensively. The government’s development policy programme is the common frame of reference, on the basis of which we pursue our goals, he states.
In the development policy, even the weakest groups are taken into account. The overarching themes, such as strengthening women’s and girls’ rights, the rights of the disabled, and fight against HIV/AIDS, are strongly presented in Finland’s multilateral and bilateral development cooperation.

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