Young tourism advisors arrives

Six Swedish teenagers, aged 13 to 17, arrived in Bangkok early Saturday the 25th October invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Stockholm office for a week-long trip in the Kingdom.
     It is not a simple fun trip but more serious than that. The group form the Swedish Children Advisory Board set up by TAT. A first in its kind.
     “One of the most important benefits of having a Children’s Advisory Board is the possibility to listen and take notice of their opinions,” says Khun Rawin Thasak, TAT Stockholm office to Scandasia.
     The six children were selected from a large group of applicants that had responded to questions in a radio program. Every day of the trip will be summed up by the participants, by answering these five questions: What have you done today, What will you remember most, Positive/negative comments, Suggestions for change and Overall impression.
     On return to Sweden all feedback will be compiled and turned over to TAT for analysis.
     The tour began with two days at a resort next to Chulachomklao military academy in Nakorn Nayok province, where they were treated with adventure activities that tied the group together. Koh Chang was next on the schedule which comprises different parts of Thailand, including meetings with villagers and school children.

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