Mix from Finspång Miss Thailand World

People in the small Swedish city Finspång cheered when 22-year Jenjira “Mix” Kertprasop was crowned Miss Thailand World late Saturday night 25 October at BEC Tero Hall in Bangkok, watched by some 20 million TV viewers.
Because Finspång is where she, her Thai mother and Swedish father live.
     In Sweden she is known by her Swedish name Mix Haxholm, an elite athlete in archery, representing both the Swedish and Thai national teams several times.
     Mix, that carry Swedish and Thai passports, did some modeling in Thailand as a 16 year old but has since concentrated on archery.
     Her Thai relatives teased her to send some photos to the Miss Thailand World 2003 committee when she was in Thailand for holidays, just after competing in the archery world championships.
     She passed the test and was allowed to take part. Winning it all meant a 1 million baht cash award, a diamond diadem worth 800 000 baht and a brand new Toyota Camry.
     Plus carrying the Thai colours at the Miss World pageant 7 November in China.
     “At first I could not believe I won. I speak Thai but not that fast so it was not until number two and three told me I got the award the news sank in,” says Mix to regional Swedish newspaper NT. “The money? I’ll save them and use for bills and stuff like that, not on luxury items. After all, I am quite an ordinary girl.”
     Mix will not quit bow and arrows because of this but for the next year she will be busy representing Thailand at events and functions.
     And how to keep up with archery?
     “I know how to get myself in top shape again. Meanwhile I will practice now and then,” says Mix.

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