Norwegian Woman Dead of Poisoning on Phi Phi Islands

A 22 year old woman from Norway died on Monday after falling ill on Phi Phi Island over the weekend. This happened a few hours after an American woman suddenly fell ill and died on her way to the hospital. The cause of death has still not been confirmed, but doctors suspect severe food poisoning. Her friend also became sick over the weekend, but is recovering at a Phuket hospital.

The Norwegian woman was transported to a hospital in Krabi on Monday, but later died. According to the Foreign Ministry in Oslo the Thai police has started an investigation into the cause of the death, as is common practice. Another female tourist died on Sunday. Jill St. Onge from Seattle was staying at the same guest house as the Norwegian woman along with her boyfriend.

“My fiancée and I were on Phi Phi island as well this last week when she fell ill and passed away. It seems to be poison death as well,” says Ryan Kells to Andaman Times.

The American couple has been holidaying in South East Asia for three months and was supposed to return home next week to the West Coast of the US. According to Ryan Kells they did not go swimming that day and it seems like jelly fish poisoning is an unlikely cause. He doubts the police will solve the case.

“I don’t think the Thai authorities have done anything. The authorities just wanted to get her body off the island,” says Ryan Kells, who believe there is a connection between the two cases.

Thai police confirms they Norwegians and the Americans were staying at the same resort. The remains of the American woman will be transported from Phuket to Bangkok today for an autopsy. A cremation is scheduled to take place in Thailand. The friend of the Norwegian woman is expected to recover fully and will return to Norway shortly. The Norwegian and American embassies are following the case closely.

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