Norwegian arrested for cyber-assault on Philippine girl

According to the Norwegian press a man is now arrested in Sunnmøre, Norway, for buying sexual services from a minor Philippine girl due to an international razzia for European paedophiles a tip from the Belgian police led the Norwegian authorities to the man.
The seven-year-old Philippine girl has supposingly preformed sexual services on a webcam after the directions of the Norwegian man for the price of 50 dollars. The contact between the man and the child was provided by the young girl’s aunt, a single mother from a Pilar Village in the Philippines.   
“Poverty is one of the main reasons why the women are doing this, and I find it very disturbing that rich people in the western world are taking advantages of their situation like this” says Marianne Borgen from Norwegian Save the Children.
“This is the negative side of all the efforts of brining the internet to the third world” says the Norwegian president of Interpol, John Ståle Stamnes. According to him the internet provides a very easy access to the vulnerable children for the paedophiles. They can now places their order and transfer the money in less than five minutes.


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