Scandinavia wants’ climate and clean energy while Southeast Asia wants’ development funds

According to The Jakata Post, at the annual meeting at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Bali, the members from developed countries, primary the scandinavian group, have asked the bank to channel more of its additional funding to clean projects and programs in poor member countries, while members from developing countries want faster disbursements to help restore growth in the region.  

Marjatta Rasi, the ADB governor representing Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, said the current crisis should be seen in the broader context of poverty reduction and climate change, therefore the ADB should direct its resources to these areas.

“We should use this opportunity to invest in a greener economy, and to ensure that development is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable, the main challenge for the ADB is to integrate climate considerations in all investments and promote green growth.” She said.  

In the energy sector, Majatta Rasi told the ADB to “focus fully on renewable and clean energy”.

Meanwhile, ADB board of governor members from Southeast Asia countries focused their attention on accelerating disbursements of ADB loans to restore positive growth in the Asia and Pacific region.

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