Finnish Investors Believes In Economic Growth in Malaysia

Finnish investors from mutual pension insurance company, Ilmarinen and Pohjola believe Malaysia has more economic potential and growth prospects according to a local newspaper.

“We see more potential and growth opportunities in Asia just like other regions. We’ve been feeling quite positive about the region as a whole. One of the reasons is the stronger growth prospects compared to how it looks in Europe or in the United States,” Mikko Mursula, Head of Listed Securities of Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company stated after a luncheon hosted by Finland Ambassador to Malaysia Tapio Saarela.

Mursula and Managing Director of Pohjola Asset Management Ltd Mikko Koskimies are in Malaysia as part of their week-long fact-finding mission to Asia. Malaysia is the second stop of their visit to Asia after Singapore before proceeding to Hong Kong. Mursula added that the companies tried to gather macro- economic perspective to see how Malaysia was doing.


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