Vietnamese seafood sector accuses Norway for smear campaign

The provision of inaccurate information has psychologically affected consumers from importing countries as well as Vietnamese businesses’ export-import activities. They says, that the export of Vietnamese Tra and Basa catfish is being seriously affected by soaring food prices and pressure from the trade protection policies of importing countries. Meanwhile, breeders are experiencing a sharp drop in catfish prices and finding it difficult to access interest subsidised loans.
According to the industry more and more importers of Vietnam’s Tra and Basa catfish like Norway, France and the US have used the media to lower the prestige and quality of Vietnamese fish products and this has affected what consumers from importing countries think. In addition, he explains, Vietnamese Tra and Basa exporters are always about being filed by anti-dumping lawsuits.
According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (VASEP), most businesses have had a certificate of product origin to enter the demanding markets like Europe while others, which encourage trade fraud have badly affected the prestige of Vietnamese seafood exporters.


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