Drunken Rubbish!

”It is total nonsense. It is drunken rubbish from an old pensioner. Actually, it is harrassment.”
There is no mercy when ScandAsia is speaking to the Dane, Eli Pedersen, who owns Hotel Danmark in Jomtien.
Eli bought the hotel 1. June this year and has only had it one month. On the cover of the morning paper Jyllands-Posten Sunday 5. July he can suddenly see his hotel mentioned in the article ‘Danish pimps are selling sex in Thailand.’
In the big article his Hotel Danmark is mentioned as the hottest spot for Danish sex tourists who are customers at the sex bars owned by Danish men. To make things worse for Eli, the former owner of the Hotel Danmark, Hardy Grün, is stating how he makes money on his sex girls who are working at his places.
According to JP, Hardy Grün confesses how he and his Thai wife make money when the bar girls go home with the customers. »However, on paper it is by wife who is running the business, so actually I have nothing to do with it,« he tells JP.


No one is for sale
The problem is now that Hardy Grün told JP about the girls when he was still running the hotel more than one month ago when the journalists from JP were in Thailand. But in fact, he had already sold the hotel to Eli Pedersen who took over the business a bit later. Now, Eli and another Dane Erling Munkholm are suddenly involved in this sex article against their own will.
”I feel extremely bad about the whole situation and seeing my hotel being associated with brothel business. First of all, we only have 11 rooms, so if the sex tourists are mainly from my hotel, the girls are having a hard time out in those bars. Secondly, we don’t have any of that sort of business at the hotel. We have only three staff women here, two waitresses and a cleaning lady, and they are certainly not for sale,” Eli Pedersen says.
He will ones and for all make it very clear that he is not running any brothel or making a single baht on prostitution.
“We don’t even have a bar or bar girls for Christ sake. We only have a restaurant where families are also welcome, and my two waitresses are only wearing appropriate waiter clothes. We are not dealing with any sort of brothel or prostitution,” he states.
However, Eli Pedersen knows all about the sex business in the bars around the Danish street.
“It definitely exists. I’m not blind. But what my customers are doing when they leave my hotel is none of my business and it is not fair that my hotel is mentioned in the article,” says Eli Pedersen who is eager to get his hotel and name cleared.
”It is an awful situation, also in relation to my good connections in the travel business. Since we overtook this hotel we have turned it from the dump it used to be to a nice hotel close to the beach where everyone is welcome. So, I think Hardy is jealous which makes him say such rubbish to the newspaper,” says Eli Pedersen.

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