Three Scandinavian Embassies Evacuated After Bombs In Jakarta

There are currently no definitive informations if there were any Scandinavian casualties in the huge terror bomb explosion in Jakarta this morning, Friday 17 July 2009. Indonesian police officials have told Reuter that 9 people were dead and 42 injured.
Three of Scandinavian Embassies – the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Embassies – have been evacuated. The embassies are located in the same building as Hotel Ritz-Carlton and a short distance from the Hotel Marriott, where the two bombs exploded.
 Borge Petersen, Denmark’s Ambassador to Indonesia who is in Jakarta despite the holiday season, said this morning that so far the Danish Embassy had not been informed of any Danish people being killed or wounded in the attack.
Mr. Michael Olsson, Chairman of the Swedish Business Association with usually good sources, had no information either about killed og wounded Swedish or other Scandinavian citizens after the bombings.
 At first the Danish Embassy was not told, that it was a bomb, that had exploded.
“We were told that is was a huge generator wich had exploded, but the bomb squad from the national police is here,” the Danish Ambassador Mr. Boerge Petersen says.
The staff at the three Scandinavian embassies could feel the explosions.

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