Danish Dating Show in Indonesia

The popular Danish dating game show Dagens Mand (Man Of The Day) on TV2 has now reached Indonesia as the first Asian country.
The dating show with the original game show name Take Me Out was first broadcast in the United Kingdom — where it was dubbed the “cattle market of dating shows”. Later Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark followed. Take Me Out Indonesia is already a big success with about 5,000 applications daily from women who want a spot on the show.
But even though the show in Denmark and Indonesia is based on the same idea it seems to be interpreted quite differently. According to JakartaGlobe Take Me Out Indonesia is a good way to find someone with whom to settle down. In Denmark on the other hand most contestants seem to sign up for a less serious reason, mainly with the goal to go on a fun date and not necessarily to find the one and only. 
Due to the Indonesian shows big success the license holder for the show FreemantleMedia has commissioned a companion show, Take Him Out Indonesia, in which 30 men have control of the light switches. The show premiered on Indosiar on Sunday. Take Me Out Indonesia airs on Friday nights.

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