Thai restaurant returns wallet to Swedish journalist

Helene Benno, Swedish reporter with, could have been in a lot of trouble when she forgot her wallet in a Thai restaurant in Bangkok Airport had it not been for the quick thinking of a Thai waiter, Khun Wasan Ketkaew and his manager Khun Rassamee Gatethad who called her back using Helene’s mobile phone number in Sweden!
     “I was on my way to fly to Stockholm. As usual there was time for a last minute meeting. This one took place at conveniently located Amari Airport Hotel, where they have a branch of Henry J Beans Pub and Restaurant,” Helene recalls.
     “After two hours I had to run for my plane. Before going through the passport control my mobile rang: “Do you know Helene Benno?” a Thai voice said.
     “Yes, speaking!” she replied.
     “You have forgotten your wallet at Henry J Beans! Can you come and get it?”
      Helene Benno ran back to Amari Airport Hotel and Henry J Beans where she met the Manager Khun Rassamee who explained how she had been able to contact her.
     “When Wassan, the waiter, had found the wallet he had given it to Khun Rassamee who had quickly opened it to see if she could find any trace that could lead to me,” Helene Benno explains.
     “Creditcards are not much help, neither are cash or pictures of the darling daughter. But having one mobile number in Bangkok and one in Stockholm I had scribbled down the latter on a small note without any reference to whose number it was. That was the only phone number whatsoever she could find in the wallet and that one she tried. Several times until I answered,” says the surprised Helene Benno.
      “We realized you were leaving soon so we were really worried if we could catch you in time,” Khun Rassamee explained.
     For Helene Benno, the incident was the best farewell impression she could get of Bangkok.
     “Not only was I extremely lucky to miracously get my wallet back but I also met two Thais who were honest, clever and had a very big heart,” she says.

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