On the Case in Cambodia

News of the Danish businessman Joergen K. Hansen being arrested in the Cambodian border town of Poipet had been spread by the AFP news agency already on Monday, but initially it slipped ScandAsia’s attention.
Monday evening, Danish Radio DR called to inquire if we had the mobile phone number of Jorgen K. Hansen. Curious as to the reason, intern reporter Sarah Mia Haagerup did a news check and found to our surprise that his company GPV Group this summer had filed for bankruptcy We thought the reporter was interested in talking to Joergen K. Hansen about the implications on the Thai company of the bankruptcy.
Tuesday morning the news of his arrest was streaming in from all news channels and we realized it was a much bigger story. ScandAsia called GPV in Thailand only to be told that just a few minutes ago, Joergen K. Hansen’s name had been removed from the company’s list of executives. As far as GPV was concerned, Joergen K. Hansen was already history.

Rushed off to Poipet
Sarah Haagerup will soon be moving on from ScandAsia to Ekstra Bladet in Denmark as her next internship and this story could be her pre-debut. With a note in Thai to take her to where the mini-vans leave Bangkok for Aranyaprathet, she rushed off to Cambodia.
It was already dark when she was finally through the immigration formalities on both sides of the border. Back in Bangkok, a guide had been arranged to meet her when she arrived and they met up in the hotel. The guide had asked the police about the case and could inform her more details than we knew at the time. He knew the name of the hotel and he knew about the arrest.

Found in a weapons check-up
“The police had set up a routine weapons check point. When the torch light found a small girl around 12 – 13 years old in his car, they stopped the car and asked the girl what was going on,” he explained.
“When they got to the hotel, they found out that he had opened rooms where there were four or five other minor girls,” he said, adding that they were also Thai and Vietnamese, not only Khmer.
Because the case was so big, the local police took him to the provincial headquarter in Banteay Meanchey.
Sarah Haagerup will stay on the case in Cambodia a couple of day, working exclusively for Ekstra Bladet – with ScandAsia readers looking over her shoulder.

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