The Biggest DanCham Christmas Lunch Ever

The annual Danish Chamber Christmas Lunch took place in Bangkok on Friday 27th November. Last year 120 people attended but this year the number grew to a booming 160, making it the biggest Christmas Lunch in the history of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Katrine Præst, the Director of the Chamber and organiser of the event, had to make a waiting list, since too many people wanted to attend. 
Around 35 of the participants were women, and even though the Danes dominated the Christmas Lunch, a good number of Thais were present.
The event was sponsored by Jyske Bank and took place in the garden of the Swedish Church on Sukhumvit Soi 33. It was a perfect setting with a very Danish feel to it. Long tables and chairs were set up under big tents which offered cover from the burning Bangkok sun, and plenty of beer supplied by sponsors Singha and schnapps made sure that no one suffered from dehydration. A live jazz band kept the mood lively and waiters busily filled up glasses. 
The food buffet was, of course, exactly like a traditional Danish Christmas Lunch – delicious and very heavy. It was delivered by The Admiral Pub and consisted of a variety of cold dishes, rye bread, herrings, salmon, egg and shrimps, liver pate, roast pork, duck, potatoes, meat balls and fish fillets, just to mention a few. Dessert was of course ris a’la mande with cherry sauce. 
As a sign of the success of the party, no one wanted to leave at the official end time of 5pm. Instead, people stayed in the garden for a good two hours until it got dark, forcing them to continue elsewhere.
It was a perfect way to combine networking and ‘hygge’ and kick-off the Christmas season in Bangkok.

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