Danish Handball Team Butchered Thailand

The Danish women’s national handball team got a nice rehearsal before the World Championships in China, when they played against Thailand Wednesday evening.
The battle, which took place in Bangkok, was a practice match which drew some 40 people to the sports centre. Danish as well as Thai spectators were hoping to catch a glimpse of an exciting handball game but it quickly became clear that the Danish team were greatly superior to the Thai handball women, who have never competed against a team from Europe.

The match ended with a sweeping victory to Denmark (46-14), as the Danish coach for the Thai women’s national handball team had anticipated.
“It was no surprise how it ended. We knew, we could not win,” says the Danish coach for the Thai team, Klaus Bøge, adding:

“There were too many mistakes in the second half, while the first half was completely satisfactory.”
Although the Danish team had just showed off with a gigantic win, their coach Jan Pytlick was not impressed.
 “We got a good jog out of it and that’s it,” Jan Pytlick said after the match to dhf.dk.

According to spectator and Danish handball fan Mette Skytt-Hansen, who was in the arena to watch her idols, the Danish team met very little resistance and sometimes almost none, even though the Thai handball women used their goalie in the field the first half. Also the game lacked in intensity.
The Danish team is travelling to China today, Thursday, where they will compete at the World Championships. Saturday they will play their first match against Germany.
The Thai handball women leave for China tomorrow and will play against Austria Saturday.

“Our biggest objective now is to dare to try, and not be afraid,” says the team’s coach Klaus Bøge.

The Danish goals in the match Wednesday were scored by: Mie Augustesen 6, Louise Pedersen 6, Kristina Kristiansen 5, Lene Lund Høy Karlsen 5, Kamilla Kristensen 4, Lark Miller 4, Maibritt Kviesgaard 4, Camilla Dalby 3, Susanne Kastrup 3, Susan Thorsgaard 2, Trine Troelsen 2, Mette Melgaard 1, Louise Mortensen 1st

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