Paedophilia Charged Dane to Get Out of Prison

A Cambodian policeman has reported that Jørgen K. Hansen most likely will be released before Christmas. Same message came from Jørgen K. Hansen’s Danish lawyer.
– I have been informed through Jørgen’s family that he most likely will be free by Christmas. Whether it is a genuine acquittal or bail, I do not know. I have not been able to get a hold of my client yet, says Michael Juul Eriksen, who most of all serves as Jørgen K. Hansen’s legal adviser in Denmark.
Jørgen K. Hansen’s defence attorney in Cambodia is surprised that his client might soon be released from prison.
– I can not see how Jørgen K. Hansen can get out before Christmas. The Cambodian government has a lot of focus on this case and therefore I think it will be hard for Jørgen to get out of jail before the trial, says Jørgen K. Hansen’s lawyer Socheat Sorne.

Everything has a price
It is not uncommon in Cambodia that people buy themselves to freedom, admits Jørgen K. Hansen’s Cambodian lawyer.
– It happens that people who have enough money can buy themselves out of prison in Cambodia – although they are guilty.
Jørgen K. Hansen has previously stated that he could easily buy himself free, if that was what he wanted.
– Everything has a price in Cambodia, including one’s freedom. But if I pay to get out of prison it would just make me look guilty, Jørgen said, when Scandmedia and the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet visited him in prison about a month ago.

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