Danish-Thai Alumni to be launched Jan 2004

The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce has taken an initiative to establish a Danish-Thai Alumi – an alumni of Thai people who have at one time worked, studied or lived in Denmark. The objective is to further build on the goodwill which the stay in Denmark has created, and to further strengthen the Thai-Danish business and cultural relations.
     The business community in Thailand, according Thai-Danish Trade News, will also gain a valuable opportunity to meet the Thais with a Danish background and draw on their various special qualifications either as employees in their companies or as friends when they need advice in Thai matters.
     The idea is to create a platform where the Thais may meet fellow Thais with a similar, special Danish experience at some point in their younger years, and where members of the alumni and the Chamber will find resources for cooperation, assistance and employment.
     Naruemon Konahan, also known as ‘Tuk’, is a typical example of the opportunities which may be gained if the Thais who have at one time or another been to Denmark remain in contact with the Danish community in Thailand.
     “I was 15 years old when I went to Denmark to study in the 10th grade in Ostre skole in Nykobing Falster,” she says.
     Some time after coming back to Thailand, she was contacted by Mr. Stig Vagt-Andersen of Ben Adisti Co., Ltd., offering her the chance to work as a trainee at the company. Mr. Andersen later enrolled her into a professional tourguide training program at Assumption University, which she studied on Saturdays and Sundays.
     Ms. Tuk worked as a tour-guide at Ben Adisti right after getting her tourist guide license in 1999. She was later transferred to Hua Hin and is presently a tour-leader/tourguide of Kuoni.
     These Thais are scattered all over Thailand in whatever direction their individual careers took them at all levels in the Thai society without any forum to meet again – or meet others with the same background.
     “They might be a dentist, a farmer, an architect, a doctor, a businessman. Maybe they are involved in marine biology, seed centers, the agro or dairy industry, research, energy, environment. They might be working at one of the many universities in Thailand, employed by a department or ministry, or could be running their own business. They may live in Bangkok or up-country. In whatever case, we would like to invite them to join!” says Tom Sorensen to Thai-Danish Trade News.
     The alumni will be launched in January next year and the chamber already has a big list of the names which will be used for the invitation to join the alumni.
     The Danish-Thai Alumni will initially be a part of the chamber.
     The chamber still encourages anyone who knows of someone who used to work or study in Denmark to contact the chamber and submit the name with contact details of the person in order to send an invitation.

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