Swedish Couple Skates Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

Jim Petersson and his girlfriend Maria Larsson is from January to June on the trip of their lifetime. The Malaysian newspaper The Star has Monday the 8th a big interview with the enthusiastic couple.

The trip has several goals. The young couple has only been together for about one year so this trip is also a test of the relationship. But Jim Petersson are sure it well turn out well:

“This trip, we feel, will bring us much closer to each other. Our relationship will grow stronger during our trip,” he says to the The Star.

Another goal is do something for a lifetime, and something that no one else has done before. From home Jim Petersson has done some research and found out about others that have made long skating journeys.
One had skate through Japan and another from China to Europe and then the USA. And then they decided that they wanted to go skating in Southeast Asia reports The Star.

The purpose of the trip is also to support Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. The aim is to raise more than 50,000 SEK (222,450 THB). Monday the 8th February there has so far been raised 18.255 SEK (81,211 THB) according to Jim Petersson’s homepage where you also can read more about the spectacular trip.

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